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Yellowbird Sauce Unveils 100% Organic, No-Sugar-Added Line of

From Austin’s Most Beloved Hot

Sauce Makers Comes an Even Healthier and Tastier Array of Certified Organic

Spicy Pepper Condiments Set to Launch January 2019

Exclusively at Whole Foods


AUSTIN, TX / ACCESSWIRE / November 28, 2018 / Yellowbird Sauce (www.Yellowbirdsauce.com) continues to push the real food game to the next level with their latest line of 100% organic, no-added-sugar version of spicy condiments set to launch exclusively at Whole Foods Markets nationwide beginning January 2019.

Crafted using only real ingredients and absolutely no added preservatives or artificial fillers of any kind, this new line include such favorite flavors as the most popular Habanero, with its complex harmony of Habanero Peppers, carrots, and citrus; Serrano, offering a smooth blend of Serrano Peppers, cucumbers, and lime; Blue Agave Sriracha, delivering a deliciously healthy alternative to the traditional sugar-packed barbecue sauces; and Ghost Pepper, bringing to tables a creamy blend of tomatoes, carrots, and ghost peppers for a delightfully delicious alternative to ketchup.

„Yellowbird Sauce is focused solely on one mission – to provide healthier, tastier condiments to more people. We never heat in a hurry. Our ingredients are always sourced direct from sustainable farms and slow-cooked to perfection, making them the perfect companion for almost any meal – tacos, burgers, sushi, pasta, steak, fish, eggs, pizza, salad…anything you can think of!“ said George Milton, Co-Founder & CEO of Yellowbird Foods.



Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Yellowbird Foods has experience rapid growth since their first debut in 2013 at the local farmers market to become one of America’s leading makers of condiments and a top 10 sauce supplier on Amazon. The fast rise to the top is the direct result of Yellowbird’s commitment to quality, from its meticulous preparation methods to the full experience of the final product. Never water-downed, each of the five Yellowbird flavors is packed with fresh fruits and veggies to create a thicker, smoother consistency that always packs a punch of bold and spicy flavor. For more information, visit www.Yellowbirdsauce.com.


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SOURCE: Yellowbird Foods