Colorplan launches to an international market with a new colour swatch book and website.

Colorplan is an iconic range of premium uncoated coloured papers and boards which is available in a broad palette of 50 colours, 8 weights and 25 embossed textures. First developed in 1972, this select and versatile range of papers is widely considered to be indispensable within the design industry.

The Brand StoryThe Colorplan brand reflects the same effortless simplicity, confidence and beauty of the product itself, concentrating on the expressive qualities inherent in the paper, rather than focusing on its technical attributes. This viewpoint directly engages and inspires the design audience who specify the product.

A Colour JourneyThe cover of the Colorplan swatch book represents the three signature aspects of the range: colour, weight and embossing.The circles are inlayed into the cover using the technique of ‘paper marquetry’.Inside documents the journey through the range, told in a way that allows the user to enjoy each individual colour.The experience is designed to be more akin to a book, rather than a traditional gridded selector. Embossing textures are shown in both black and white allowing the user to clearly understand how the paper will hold a texture.

A Digital Platform to Explore ColourA digital platform has been developed to encourage the user to explore and play with the full palette and versatility of the range; delivering an experience beyond the physical limitations of the swatch book. Primarily designed as a tool to appreciate the papers qualities, colours can be moved freely, juxtaposed, compared, and colour combinations recommended.

Revealing ColourThe Colorplan brandmark is based on the simple concept of representing a physical sheet of paper – a turned up corner, traditionally used to mark a page for reference. When applied, the brandmark reveals another layer.

A Colorplan TypefaceFor the launch of the website, a bespoke typeface called ‘Colorplan’ has been developed. The font delivers an elegant, crafted and idiosyncratic character with a light and delicate impression. Characters of particular interest include the lowercase ‘g’, uppercase ‘M’, and the numerical character set.

To view the new website visit:


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