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Robert Danninger and DARO Flooring Systems Set New Standards in the

15.11.2018 - 23:47

MISSISSAUGA, ON / ACCESSWIRE / November 15, 2018 / With its DAROTopp® XS Cementitious Leveler, the Company is the only one in the Industry providing a Cementitious Leveler that is delivered to projects via Concrete Trucks. This pre batched delivery system removes all the time delays and costs of staging each floor with leveling material along with eliminating any need of breaking bags or mixing on site. This Delivery System because of it's clean and easy process is also the only Self Leveling Process that is Fully Compliant with all of the 2017 OSHA Silica Dust Regulation which was put in place to keep employees health concerns at the forefront of the Construction Industry, which DARO Flooring Systems takes very seriously.

The first thing most people notice upon entering a newly finished building is its floors, and interior decoration plans tend to start with that bottom surface. However, it is rare for residential or commercial buildings to come with floors that can be immediately covered with the desired material, so property owners have to make additional investments to achieve the necessary flatness and smoothness. In need of top-quality, innovative, and cost-efficient solutions, developers and property owners turn to DARO Flooring Systems, which has made innovation, creativity, and reliability the pillars of its business since its start in 2006.

Robert Danninger, the owner of DARO Flooring Systems, considers the latest offering further proof of his company's commitment to excellence and innovation. The DAROTopp®

XS Cementitious Leveler is a version of an earlier product bearing the same name, but the new product is Portland Cement-Based. This ready-mix, high-performance, self-leveling topping for interior floors uses special raw materials and additives, which makes it possible to have a concrete truck delivered cementitious leveler that can be put down from featheredge up to three inches. With the new DAROTopp® XS, the result is an economical and long-lasting substrate and topping that also provides a crack-free surface that will provide a floor tolerance of 1/8" over 10' which is the flooring industry standard required for final floor surfaces. Moreover, it can be installed bonded to concrete, pre-cast and hollow-core substrates, and does not shrink or curl, it also eliminates the need for shot blasting, scarifying, or other extensive preparation of the new concrete slabs.

The DAROTopp® XS cementitious leveler is completely free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and does not produce any off-gassing, which significantly improves on-site working conditions and logistics, thus ensuring timely project delivery. As a result of its technical and mechanical performance, DAROTopp® XS Cementitious Leveler is guaranteed to deliver superior flatness, levelness, and dimensional stability along with their product qualifying for credits under the popular LEED Green Building Certification Program.

The Corporation with the direction of Robert Danninger has been instrumental in transplanting the European experience and technologies into the North American Market and with it's recent work the Research and Development Team has now come to market with the only cementitious leveler that is delivered to projects using concrete trucks making it the cleanest and quickest self leveling delivery system the only self leveling company compliant with the new 2017 silica dust regulations issued by the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Robert Danninger - Owner of DARO Flooring Systems USA LLC: http://www.RobertDanningerNews.com

Rob Danninger - Owner - DARO Flooring Constructions Inc. - LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/rob-danninger-8a309b14

DAROTopp® XS_US_Data Sheet.cdr - Daro Flooring: http://dl.daro-flooring.com/docs/DAROToppXS_US_Data






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