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SEG Cineland announces 'Hounds of the Western Gulf'

07.07.2018 - 06:13

Los Angeles, CA – SEG Cineland is proud to announce the commencement of pre-production for {Hounds of the Western Gulf}, a block buster heist film to be directed by Ghanaian film wunderkind M. Sayibu (This Line of Work, The Northern King), and starring a mix of a Ghanaian and American Cast. This film will serve as the first big budget film to be produced in Ghana and distributed worldwide, theatrically, dwarfing anything Sayibu has done to this point. While Ghana has had a good share of bold dramatic aritists such as Leila Djansi and Peter Sedufia, M. Sayibu leads the way into high concept big budget tentpoles which is something that has mostly been lacking and underfunded at best which makes their prospects for distribution more difficult.

Hounds of the Western Gulf is the story of Troy, Inza, Gretchen, Church and Marcus. Who believe they have discovered the gold mine. Boost tourism, they call it. Taking advantage of relaxed and almost non-existing law enforcement presence in certain countries, the group, each running away from their own personal demons, orchestrates and executes several boosts across Africa earning them notoriety and some sort of following and spawning copycats across the globe. When their tour brings the Hounds to Ghana, Inspector Koffie makes it his life’s mission to bring them to justice either in cuffs or body bags.

The film will deal with themes centering around what it means to be African, while showcasing an honest and untainted look at modern day contemporary west Africa through the eyes of a Ghanaian filmmaker who Ghana’s premiere film critic, Tony Asankomah of ghmoviefreak.com is quoted as saying Sayibu; “, oozes a directional style and vision far different from the usual Ghanaian film look and feel.”

Boris Kodjoe (Resident Evil) and Solomon Taiwo (A United Kingdom) are being considered by the studio to star in the film alongside Ghanaian talent including Bex (Children of the Mountain), Sandra Dulac (Kejetia vs Makola: The Trial of Shatta Wale) and Majeed Suhuyini. The studio is also in talks to bring Ghanaian power house Majid Michel on board. This is a will be Ghana’s first foray into the worldwide box office and the first step in becoming a player in the global film community.

The film will be co produced by Mico Majid Michel and is shooting for a 2019 release date which will be announced following completion of Principal Photography which is slated to begin in August in Los Angeles and then Ghana.