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Huge Scam Happening In Cryptocurrency, Block Asia Investigates

31.05.2018 - 22:44

SINGAPORE, May 31, 2018 - (Media OutReach) - Block Asia, the first Southeast Asian cryptocurrency news media platform has received several tipoffs and insider information from anonymous sources targeting infamous cryptocurrency scammer surrounding millions of dollars and is actively investigating the case and following the leads.

Alleged swindler Zeeshan Najeeb was officially appointed as Director of Mideast Enforcement after joining the McAfee Crypto Team in April. Announcement of this newly appointed position has incited rage among the netizens since, causing a frenzy. Victims have spoken up against Najeeb in an attempt to seek justice.

Block Asia is currently pursuing leads involving the alleged con-artist and John McAfee. Ground breaking news will be revealed further as Block Asia conducts follow-ups on the investigation.

An initial investigation and detailed news is now available on Block Asia portal via this link: https://bit.ly/2kDRY0I

Block Asia will also be rewarding readers who share and spread awareness about this scam case by giving out exclusive Block Asia Coins (BAC) tokens. With the sharp influx of cryptocurrency scams targeting devoted investors, it is in Block Asia's view that swindlers should not be allowed to remain at large and Block Asia is committed to uncover the truth for its audience.

For more information about this case, visit https://www.blockasia.io/ as Block Asia uncovers more abominable details.

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