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Call The Antenna King for Affordable Servicing

29.04.2018 - 23:19

The Antenna King can fix loose or faulty cable connections that may be disrupting television signals. In order to rule out issues with antennas and avoiding installation of new ones, the company will check and rule out faults with cables.

The company uses a digital field strength meter and measures the quality and strength of the TV signals you. They check for faults rather than just change the TV antenna or other parts. In many instances these problems can be fixed on the spot as they carry most parts with them in their service van.

Deciding what antenna to purchase, the perfect location and actually getting it going is not an easy decision. In areas where reception is limited a professional installer like The Antenna King can take the stress out of diagnosing and fixing the issues. Homeowners should exercise caution around electricity and on roofs as there are chances of electrocution and injury. Signal levels vary at different parts of the roof and a professional installer can identify the ideal location. Once an antenna is properly installed it requires little attention. An antenna that is poorly maintained, broken or incorrectly installed will affect reception.

A quick visual check can identify if there are any broken parts and that it is positioned in the right direction. It is also important to check that the connectors and cables near the television receiver is not damaged. Squashed cables, excessive bending, long fly leads can also cause problems. It is important to ensure all devices are connected correctly to the antenna, especially if there are multiple devices connected to each other.

There are many things that can affect picture and sound quality. The location of the aerial, the positioning, the connection to the TV and the quality of the TV all contribute to the best viewing experience. With changes to the digital products The Antenna King can advice on replacement digital aerials.

Their technicians do not mess around and take pride in their work. They will leave the house as tidy as when they arrived. The Antenna King offers a range of services including installation of antennas, data points, cabling and installation and setup of Plasma and LCD Televisions. They provide fast and friendly service for all aerial and satellite installation needs.

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