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Why You Should Use Urgencies & Emergencies

23.04.2018 - 00:48

In Christchurch, dental practices are appointment based. Where an emergency arises for a patient, being treated on the same day can sometimes prove a challenge. In general, most patients in urgent need will contact their regular dentist. For those who cannot be seen immediately, scrolling down the search engine list then becomes a practical option - an option that can be time consuming.

At Urgencies & Emergencies (www.une.nz) they have managed to streamline the availability of ready care into one easy to navigate site. Urgencies & Emergencies is a technological platform developed to allow patients to identify which dental practices are available to see them on that day, before any calls are made and without having to browse through any on-line booking systems.

This product has been developed by co-founders Dr Azlan Daud, a dentist with a special interest in Endodontics, and Aydan Brown, a software developer. Azlan discerned, whilst speaking with patients, that when an emergency arose, most were often unable to be seen by their regular practitioners. These patients could either be seen on another day or had to search for another practice to accomodate their needs; a wearying challenge when one is in pain.

With twenty five years of dental industry experience, Azlan understands the dynamism of dental practices where some may have appointments available, as a result of cancellations or sessions dedicated for emergencies. The challenge, of course, lies in identifying these practices. Thus his vision was to develop an easy and efficient system for patients to identify these clinics and receive the urgent dental treatment they require, whilst also helping dental practices to be proactive in serving the community.

Together with Aydan Brown, who is the CTO for Urgencies & Emergencies, a technological platform was developed. By entering a location, coloured coded blips appear on a single screen, indicating practices with availability. Patients also have access to the practice’s website should they wish to seek further information. In short, patients in need of help can identify with certainty and ease, where help can be attained immediately.

Both Azlan and Aydan hope that with this platform, the management of urgent dental needs can be addressed, by practitioners who can help. Their aim is to reduce and hopefully eliminate waiting times with the use of technology. The product has been launched both in Christchurch and Auckland, and they also intend to extend the services to the other main centres in New Zealand, so to find out more about emergency dentists, 24-hour dentists and weekend dentists please go to https://une.nz/ .