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Project Laneways Offers Change Management Courses in Canberra

21.03.2018 - 23:04

Project Laneways has announced it will be conducting change management courses in Canberra in May. The Change Management Foundation Course is a three-day course that will combine practice and theory will take place between 21st May 2018 and 23rd May 2018.

The Change Management Practitioner Course will cover additional material covering the between Change Management and Project Management, sustaining the change and how to deal with agile projects. The course will take place on May 24th and 25th 2018.

Project Laneways’ Change Management course provides businesses theory and practical training for a structured approach to transitioning individuals, teams and organisations. These approaches require an understanding of the psychological and organisational dynamics at work. The training focuses on successful change that is all about getting the people to be ready, willing and able to use the deliverables.

Project Laneways recognises that change management done poorly can leave staff confused, anxious, and angry. It has well known that the automatic nature of the brain creates habits. Habits take time and energy to change and involve retraining the brain. Retraining is hard not just due to the pathways in the brain but also because it interprets every change with feelings of fear and anxiety. The negative emotions that our brains can trigger often limit new ideas and make it resistant to any change.

The training is presented as a blend of Change Management theory and practical examples. The course covers how individuals learn, what motivates them and how they react to change. Students will learn about the dynamics of change at the individual, team and organisational level. They will also learn practical Change Management skills for facilitating change, and be able to plan for change and potential problems. The Foundation course is suitable for all project managers, program managers and team members.

For employees and management understanding neuroscience with a focus on how brains react with change and how habits are formed will provide greater clarity on how to manage expectations. Clear process, simple but specific goals, support for learning and open communication is all essential aspects of managing change. Habits can be changed when tasks are broken down and easy to achieve. As the brain is a social organ, the course encourages leaders to create opportunities for staff to nurture teams. Leaders can also work closely with employees to make them feel part of the decision making process. At Project Laneways, the team dynamics component of Change Management courses will equip business professionals with the knowledge, and skills needed to build the best team.

Students of Project Laneways' Change Management Practitioner certification training course will gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of the principles around how to implement and manage change in an organisation.

Project Laneways is a highly accredited and internationally acclaimed training provider specialising in PRINCE2 training, AgilePM, Change Management, Better Business Cases and Programme Management training courses. Project Laneways’ courses are recognised and accredited by the International Change Management Institute. These courses provide both theoretical and practical skills which are suitable in both individual and organisational contexts.

To know more about Project Laneways change management certification, prince2 training, change management training, prince2 agile training and more call 03 90389236 (Melbourne) or 02 82123978 (Sydney) or send an email to enquiries@project-laneways.com.au. For more information visit https://www.project-laneways.com.au/