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Bright Light Stocks Full Range of Constant Voltage Power Supplies

22.02.2018 - 23:28

Bright Light has constant voltage power supplies that will allow LEDs to work efficiently and safely. These power sources are available in 12 volts and 24 volts. Bright Light is one of Australia’s popular LED suppliers of light fittings and power supplies.

Most commercially available LED products are constructed by connecting a number of LEDs in a series of parallel to form clusters or strings like LED ribbons. These light products require a constant current driver as part of the assembly. Low cost LED circuits control the flow of current through the LED with a resistor. All these products require a constant power voltage. These constant voltage products can be used for LED Modules, traffic information signs, LED ribbon strip, high definition LED displays and backlit lights.

The company stocks a broad selection of LED power supplies. Their online store also sells a range of LED ribbon lights and LED controllers aimed at homes, shop fitters, signage suppliers, cabinet makers and contractors. They can deliver orders between three to seven days all over the country.

These constant voltage power supplies will maintain a constant voltage up to their rated wattage. The constant voltage power supplies will help avoid burnout as they will avoid violating the maximum current specified for the LEDs. Most often these constant voltage supplies are used in under cabinet lights and other LED flex strip applications. For designers who want to control applications, they help create light with consistent brightness.

Bright Light is a leading Australasian LED lighting wholesale specialist who has provided quality LED lighting solutions for the residential, commercial, hospitality, marine and architectural lighting industries since 2004. Bright Light supply a variety of innovative LED lighting products ranging from high-powered architectural lighting to low ambient lighting.

The LED and power supply technicians from Bright Light can help clients navigate through any lighting project. Bright Light can be contacted on info@brightlightled.com.au or 1800 793 185.

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