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Parcelport Expands Into SE Asia

22.02.2018 - 00:16

Parcelport is an Auckland, New Zealand based logistics software company, and is in the process of expanding its business into Southeast Asia, preliminarily planning to set up an office in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, mainly as their CEO, Jimmy Wu has several contacts there, and also because it is close to Singapore where he may be able to raise capital. Another good reason for moving to Malaysia is that there are also government centres which assist with foreign investment.

Parcelport is a privately held company and they recently partnered with global transport and logistics group TNT to service New Zealand exporters, and they also recently closed a funding round with Zino Ventures and Ice Angles. The proceeds are funding the expansion and allowing it to consolidate and grow its business in New Zealand.

Next up for the company’s expansion are Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, countries which have been chosen owing to the expansion of their middle class. Southeast Asia also has a strong emerging e-commerce market selling to North America, Europe and China, which Parcelport is working to service.

Parcelport’s point of difference is that it focuses on servicing small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) while its larger competitors focus on bigger businesses. The way this works is than an SME places its customer’s consignment order with Parcelport which would assign the job to the appropriate courier company for delivery. Parcelport calculates the freight cost, prints tickets and shipping labels for the courier, and tracks the delivery.

Wu founded the company in 2011 which now has 10 employees in its Auckland office, and its customer engagement is contracted out to a local contact centre, so for more information on courier services NZ, pay as you go couriers and parcel post NZ please go to http://www.parcelport.co.nz .

Parcelport is an online, ticket-less, pay as you go courier booking & freight management system, integrating various New Zealand couriers into one easy-to-use software. For reliable and top-quality track and trace freights, visit the website today!