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Select Cleaning Notice The Effects of Infill Housing

15.02.2018 - 04:32

Infill housing is defined as,“The establishment of new dwellings within an existing suburb, facilitated by the division of existing residential properties into smaller sections by way of cross-leasing, or subdivision into fee-simple or unit titles”. Typically, Kiwis have been used to their ‘quarter acre section’ with a detached house and plenty of garden, but we are all aware, in our big cities in particular, that New Zealand’s burgeoning population means we are having to look at new types of dwellings. We are getting more used to apartment living and also building on infill land.

Typical densities in Auckland are currently ‘low’, at between ten and twenty dwellings per hectare. However, Auckland’s intensification plans are aiming for areas of between 50 and 70 dwellings per hectare.

Due to changing household demographics in New Zealand, population density has not been increasing proportionately to dwelling density. This could mean that many of the benefits of infill housing are not realised. The issue of infill is particularly contentious in this country, as since the affluent post war era, much value has been placed on low density settlements, consisting of detached homes on generous sections.

Interestingly enough, the now established fact of infill housing in Auckland is increasing demand for the cleaning services of Select Cleaning, and they can definitely see the ‘benefits’ of this new type of living.

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