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Fire Doors Can Save Lives, Use FRS to Conduct Regular Inspections

22.12.2017 - 01:08

Fire Rating Solutions (FRS) is able to conduct risk assessment on fire and smoke doors to ensure they are working as they should. The Melbourne-based company is an industry leader in the inspection of fire and smoke doors. They also offer a complete fire and smoke door installation/ rectification services.

With their inspection facilities they can identify any non-compliance issues and repair. FRS’ fire and smoke door inspectors check fire doors (hinged and pivoted including their associated warning systems) and associated self-closing, auto closing and latching mechanism. They check smoke doors and associated self-closing, automatic closing and latching mechanisms and fire rated access panels.

Building owners are required to ensure the service and maintenance of fire and smoke doors and other essential safety measures in accordance with the Australian Standard (AS1851) are completed and records kept onsite. FRS’ inspection reports provide details on non-compliant fire rated materials used, damaged or missing fire and smoke door sets, damaged and inactive hardware and compliance signage. FRS will give a complete list of non-compliant items identified with locations, descriptions, recommended repairs and photos. They will also provide a quote to rectify non-compliant items, within the FRS’ scope of works.

Fire doors allow occupants enough time to leave burning buildings. Different type of properties needs different fire doors. FRS can advise on the choice of the door and finish the installation work. Their technical experts can provide due diligence inspections on any property on a regular basis.

FRS can carry out annual inspections to ensure that services continue to perform at the same level of operation that existed at the time of commissioning and that any defects are noted and rectified as required. The inspection reviews points of the fire door assembly, reviewing components such as the frame, door, exit hardware, hinges, pivots among others. They can fill in improper gaps, holes in the door and anything that may be amiss.

Smoke doors come with seals to the head and jambs of the frame. They provide a barrier so that smoke cannot easily pass between rooms. These passive fire protection barriers are vital to protect people and the property. Building codes require fire separations so that it can function safely in a fire emergency. Buildings need fire and smoke separation and all components of the door or window must have appropriate resistance. Any breaches have to be contained and inspections are mandatory.

Installation or maintenance of passive fire protection systems is vital to restricting the growth of rapid fire and smoke throughout a property. FRS has been providing a wide range of quality passive fire protection services to its customers in Melbourne and greater Victoria since 1990 and is a recognised leader within the Australian industry.

For more information: https://www.fireratingsolutions.com.au/fire-and-smoke-door-inspections

To contact FRS: Phone: (03) 9419 1393; E-mail: admin@frsaust.com.au