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3C of warming will leave world cities below sea level

12.12.2017 - 23:11

According to Climate Central, average temperatures in different parts of the world will increase by about 3 degrees Celsius which will impact the rising sea level due to melting ice in the north and south poles. Perhaps, the sea level will rise up to 2 meters in a few years from now. The cities that get this threat are Shanghai, Alexandria, Rio, Osaka, and Miami.

Most of the people must be ready to face this nightmare if there is no effort to reduce carbon emission that causes global warming. Governments need to find a solution to prevent it from happening. Some of the departments have been trying to cut the CO2 emission so that the air temperature will not rise up to 3 degrees Celsius or to get a safer path of between 1.5 c and 2C.

However, there is no significant change at all and the air temperature will keep rising. Perhaps, today we do not get the bad impact directly, but our next generation will get the impact due to our mistake. In addition, most of the people who live near the ocean, beach, and river will get the consequences due to the melting ice in the North Pole.

Now a study, carried out by researchers at Cornell University, warns that rising sea level could cause two billion people to become climate refugees by the end of this century. "Thus, those communities that would be affected should move inland to find a new place to live." We're going to have more people in less land and sooner than we thought ... The future rise in the average world sea level will probably not be gradual, "said Charles Geisler, one of the study's leading authors.

So, what is the best solution for this matter? The only way if we want to save the world from global warming is to reduce the greenhouse gases. Transportation and animal agriculture are the biggest contributors to global warming that make our earth temperature increase. It must start from the government that has regulation to control the emission.

Finally, global warming becomes a big issue that must be solved immediately because it is threating out world now. We have to unite to solve this issue so that our next generation will not get the bad impact due to our mistake.