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Kip Set Offers $100 Off with Promotion Code on Mattress Orders

30.11.2017 - 23:41

SleepMaker has lately released their new mattress in a box called the Kip Set mattress. Customers can now enjoy a 100-day free trial with the Kip Set. If customers are not satisfied with the product it can be returned by February 2018. In another promotion, valid till 31 December 2017, customers can get $100 off if they use the voucher code KIP100.

Customers can order the Kip Set Mattress online and it will arrive at the doorstep in a box. It has been designed with three integrated layers of high quality special purpose foams that work together to give the support, comfort and durability needed for a great sleep and peace of mind. The Kip Set is well built and has a unique design which incorporates a stretch knit cover, Kip Set’s special Genius foam for pressure relief, special air vents for ventilation, and the Kip Set core which provides very good spinal support.

This design gives a nice combination of a light and comfortable top layer with a dense supportive feel to it at the same time. A restless partner will not be bothersome as partner disturbance is virtually non-existent with Kip Set.

The Kip Set is Australian made, has a 10-year warranty, and is a very good option for those who value minimal partner disturbance and good back support. The Kip Set will sit well on any surface – slat base, ensemble base, and even just on the floor. Kip Set mattress is available in Single mattress, King Single mattress, Double mattress, Queen mattress and King mattress sizes.

The mattress has a three-layer foam construction with the trademarked genius foam, ventilated memory foam, polyurethane support foam and polyester or polypropylene zipper cover. Kip Set mattresses are both soft and provide adequate support for a restful sleep. The Genius Foam molds perfectly to the body that provides extra support while drawing heat away from the body. This keeps users cool throughout the night. The Kip Set mattress features air vents built into a memory foam layer to provide a cooling airflow without compromising support. The support layer of the Kip Set mattress contains high-grade high-density foam to maximise durability and ensure full back support.

SleepMaker has a reputation for developing superior quality, technologically advanced bedding solutions. They have partnered with bedding retailer Forty Winks to bring Kip Set. SleepMaker is the only mattress in a box manufacturer in Australia that controls the entire production process from making the foam to sewing on the cover. Forty Winks is Australia’s leading beds, mattress and bedding retailer. They stock the widest range of products and high-quality brands under one roof.

For more information call 1800 875 470, email hello@kipset.com.au or visit https://www.kipset.com.au/