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Conroy Removals’ Online Reviews Generating Positive Feedback

24.10.2017 - 00:21

Australia’s storage and moving specialists Conroy Removals have found their Customer Review programme through their website has produced fantastic results. They request reviews from all of their customers, regarding the service they have received from, and, good or bad, they put them up on the website page for everyone to see. Honest feedback and reviews from customers has helped Conroy to deliver customer-centric solutions to drive the business.

The questions used in survey focuses on customer experience, trying to keep it as simple and easy to complete. Keeping attention spans and shortage of time in mind the survey asks three simple questions. Upon completion of every move they email each customer a request to complete an online review of their service with three questions. One, how do they rate Conroy’s overall service out of 5; two would they use Conroy Removals’ services again Yes or No, and three, would they recommend Conroy’s services to other people, Yes or No.

They also invite people to provide any open feedback and comments. Clients then submit their reviews back to the Conroy Removals site, which are then posted directly on to the Customer Review page. Clients also get the opportunity to ask for a reply to their review, which also gets posted with the review.

All reviews, good, bad or otherwise are then available for the general public to view 24/7. When people see the webpage they can see what the aggregate score out of 5 stars is, what % of people would use Conroy’s service again, and what % would recommend their service to other people. They also have the ability to filter the reviews to different types of moves i.e. overseas moving, local moving etc. People can then read each review and even filter them to read the best or even worst of them. Lastly they actively direct their prospective clients to the webpage to see how the company is performing.

Conroy Removals values customer feedback and takes survey results seriously. Getting quality feedback has allowed the company to take on insights to improve service and grow the business. It is also used as a training tool for staff to provide exemplary service. The online survey and feedback have been used to tailor a great customer service experience for clients by giving them what they need and want.

Australia’s leading storage and moving experts Conroy Removals has a complete door-to-door service to make shifting with goods, pets and family easier. The company has branches in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Townsville; their fleet of removal trucks and professionals can handle every move in key Australian cities.

For queries and rates Conroy Removals call 1800 640 774 or email brisbane@conroyremovals.com.au.

For local removals visit https://www.conroyremovals.com.au/domestic-removals/local-removals