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Navigate Your Way Around NZ Wines With NZ Vino

24.07.2017 - 22:29

New Zealand can genuinely lay claim to some of the best wines on earth, and with over 700 wineries, New Zealand produces a vast range of diverse wine styles. The range of conditions, climates, and soils is huge, and many of these wines produced here are exceptional. However, few people outside of New Zealand know about them.

Graham Painter of NZ Vino, has found the opportunities to be promising for Syrah, Chardonnay, and Cabernet-led blends, and credits Sauvignon Blanc and the Marlborough region in particular for the awareness of New Zealand’s potential for fine wines, “in a clean environment with multiple terroirs and micro-climates.” Add to that a dedication within New Zealand to indigenous ferments, natural farming techniques, and minimal intervention, plus a heightened cultural awareness globally about New Zealand, and non-Sauv Blanc wines emerge as a noteworthy market opportunity.

Cathy Huyghe’s Wednesday Night Wine group, spotlights everyday consumer opinions about wines from a particular theme. The tastings make no claim to comprehensive study or analysis, which relaxes participants and opens the door to fun, casual exploration.

Everyday wine consumers, aside from a certain loyalty to wines that they know and enjoy, are also curious to find new, fresh options especially if they are familiar enough. That “familiar enough” quality was never more apparent than at the Wednesday Night Wine Group, tasting wines from New Zealand that are not Sauvignon Blanc. Each of these wines is part of the NZ Vino portfolio, which are sold direct-to-consumer in the U.S.

Cameron Douglas, MS curates an online selection, for NZ Vino, of the best New Zealand wines that you can buy. In the US, 85% of New Zealand wine sold is Sauvignon Blanc and most of that is entry-level wine that lacks the subtlety and complexity of our finer wines. To address the problem, Graham Painter formed NZ Vino to introduce his US friends, and other wine lovers, to some of the best wines they’d never heard of.

Anyone who has travelled to New Zealand can attest to the unbelievable variety and quality of our wines, so to find out more please visit the website at https://nzvino.com/