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JCS Fish work with Systems Integration

10.10.2013 - 15:08

JCS Fish is one of the latest businesses to invest in Integreater®, the specialist food software from Systems Integration.

The Grimsby-based salmon specialist is BRC accredited and supplies both fresh and frozen products through their Big Fish brand and their customers’ own labels.

Founded in 2000 by Andrew and Louise Coulbeck, JCS has experienced high business growth over the last few years. As a result they are focused on improving production processes, traceability and having real-time business information to make proactive decisions.

Integreater® controls all purchasing and intake processes, as well as production and critical yield points such as head removal, deboning and filleting. By utilising real-time data capture and bar code scanning, JCS have automated their factory floor processes. This has eliminated human error and created a single point of data collection for all departments to work from.

Director Louise Coulbeck commented: “We recognise that having timely information is a key factor in maximising profitability for fish processors. Integreater® provides real-time visibility on all on-site and off-site stocks, as well as despatched product. It works by capturing information throughout the process, giving us complete forward and backward traceability. We now have the ability to find product history and information in seconds.”

“Our factory has now become faster, leaner and paperless. This has increased operator productivity while enabling us to have reliable business information that can be utilised by various managers and supervisors. We now have full control over our production processes, ensuring that we are producing the highest quality products as efficiently as possible. We want to maintain our success by working in partnership with Systems Integration and continuously looking at ways to improve and invest in our business.”

About Systems Integration
Systems Integration specialises in developing software for the food processing industry and after 20 years, the business has customers in the UK, Canada and the USA.

About Integreater®
Integreater® is a range of software and hardware that’s been specifically developed for food processing businesses. It features a wide range of solutions including stock control, despatch, quality assurance, weighing and labelling, yield management, sales and purchase order processing, cost and margin management, business analysis, dry goods and packaging waste, forecasting, planning, tracking and monitoring.

About JCS Fish
JCS Fish is one of the UK’s leading seafood companies and a specialist in salmon. The business was founded in 2000 by Andrew and Louise Coulbeck and is based in Grimsby, at the heart of the UK’s fish processing industry. They source only the finest quality fish from accredited salmon farms in Scotland, Norway and the Faroes and are accredited to the BRC Global Standard (Food) Issue 6.